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SunFlare holds discussions with strategic partners for China market entry services

Managing director Hagihara and persons responsible for China market entry support services met with 4 partner organizations in a span of 5 days starting October 17th. SunFlare’s China market entry support services consists of business support services in 3 fields – intellectual property strategy, regulatory affairs, and standards compliance The 3 organizations who will partner with SunFlare to support clients entering the China market are Pharmtec , China Beijing Equity Exchange , and Venturepharm. Additionally, a meeting with the parent organization of China Technology Exchange, China Beijing Equity Exchange , took place. At the meetings, common hurdles Japanese firms face when entering the Chinese market and possible solutions were discussed with the top level management of each respective organization.

At the meeting with Pharmtec

At Pharmtec At the meeting with Pharmtec, ideas were exchanged on how best to support Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers understand and overcome the difficult Chinese regulatory environment, with agreements being made to keep open channels of communication and hold continuously seminars for the industry. SunFlare and Pharmtec confirmed various points and specific challenges for how it could combine its resources and knowhow to act as an effective interface between Japanese businesses and Chinese regulatory authorities. Photos from the meeting can be seen on Pharmtec’s homepage as well.

Pharmtec attendees: Pharmtec president Mr. Rui, Manager of the CRO division Mr. Zhao, Manager of the consulting division Mr. Zhang, Manager of the technical evaluation and technology transfer division Mr. Liu, Manager of the media communications division Mr. Qin, and deputy editor of industry publication “Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology Economics and Management”, Mr. Huang.

At the meeting with CTEX

 At CTEX CTEX, an organization jointly established by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Intellectual Property Office with approval from the State Council, is committed to providing intellectual property support to a variety of industries. At the meeting, discussions took place on how to utilize the competitive edge and CTEX’s unique position to provide critical services for Japanese firms entering the China market.

Attendees from CTEX: Vice Chairman Xu, Manager of Technology Exchange Service Center Mr. Li, and Senior Manager Mr. Shan.

At the meeting with CBEX

 At CBEX China Beijing Equity Exchange, since its founding in 2004, has grown at a rapid pace and its annual turnover is expected to exceed 5 trillion yen in 2011, representing over half of the China equities market. At the meeting with CBEX, new strategies were laid out to help support Japanese firms by utilizing CBEX’s resources to further spur equity exchange in the Chinese market.

Attendees from CBEX: Manager of Strategies Department Mr. Xia, Senior Manager of Strategies department Mr. Li.

At the meeting with Venturepharm

At Venturepharm Venturepharm is a Hong Kong stock exchange-listed, pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing company with CRO functions. In recent years, it has maintained the top position for number of SFDA approvals per year. At this meeting, a partnership framework for supporting Japanese pharmaceuticals in China was established.

Venturepharm attendees: CEO Mr. Song, R&D Division Director Mr. Lu and manager Mr. Wu, and Clinical Trials Division manager Mr. Zhu.

Finally, during this visit, SunFlare conducted discussions with Xi Tingfei Peking University professor and former director of Center of Medical Devices, National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products. As a solution for medical device manufacturers entering China, SunFlare will be holding a seminar on the Chinese regulatory framework, and will be inviting Mr. Xi to provide insight as lecturer.