Quality Assurance

We provide speedy, reliable services to help ensure your success in today’s global business environment

The quality of a document is dependent upon its timely delivery and its linguistic and technical reliability. Our documentation services guarantee the fastest possible delivery at the best possible price, thereby ensuring maximum satisfaction for your customers. Our people and systems make this possible.

Industry experts
Given their expertise and practical experience in your field of business, our industry experts have the sound understanding of your objectives that is required to address the challenges you face. We guarantee you the same level of comfort that you would expect from working with your own staff.
Language experts
Our language experts are not only knowledgeable about the target language and the local situation, but have also demonstrated a high level of practical and technical knowledge in their specialist field.We can provide the speed and quality required in today’s business environment.
Field specialist teams
A field specialist team is composed of the following: an account manager, a project manager, reviewers, industry experts, language experts, IT experts, and education personnel. By acquiring a deep understanding of your business needs, our team can work together to help ensure a bright future for your business.
Quality control system
We have an established quality control system that involves holding exhaustive kick-off meetings with our customers at the start of their projects, employing a thorough review process throughout their projects, and offering post-delivery services after the completion of their projects.
Optimum speed, quality, and cost guaranteed. * ISO 9001/27001 certified (Head Office)
Advanced IT solutions that ensure quality, speed and security
Years of experience in providing documentation services has led to our creating sophisticated IT solutions that enable us to provide you with the quality, speed and security that your business requires.
An education and evaluation system that ensures the highest level of quality
Our education and evaluation system cultivates the creativity and ingenuity required to turn knowledge into a commercial product. It also generates added value by allowing us to enhance not only the business and linguistic skills of our own staff, but also those of our customers’ staff as well. This unique system enables us to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for the provision of quality documentation in a timely and appropriate manner.