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Seminars and Corporate Training

Providing training that will help your personnel to hone their key business skills

Documentation work requires not only an accurate understanding of the types of documents that exist and their respective content and purposes, but also the knowledge and skills required to efficiently create documents that are fit for purpose. In addition, for customers operating a business with a global presence, the development of employee language skills may pose a significant challenge.

Since our establishment in 1981, SunFlare Academy has trained and developed numerous documentation specialists, providing them with advanced language skills and expertise. By leveraging the expertise we have accumulated while running the SunFlare Academy and during our more than 40 years in the documentation business, we are able to offer customized education and training programs that meet the needs of the individual customer.

  • Corporate training
  • Practical reading
  • Practical writing
  • Technical check
  • Seminars
  • Seminar on intellectual property strategies targeting China
  • Seminar on industry-focused laws, regulations and standards

Corporate training to enhance basic documentation skills

While on-the-job experience can play an important part in developing the skills of your documentation team, improving their skills as a whole can prove challenging due to factors such as differences in individual skill levels and the difficulty involved in finding time to train them. Nonetheless, it is important to ask yourself: Are documentation tasks—such as reading English documents, writing technical documents, and checking documents for technological and language accuracy—being performed accurately and efficiently at your company? If not, SunFlare Academy can help.

We have formed part of the foundation of SunFlare’s translation and documentation business for 40 years. Based on expertise accumulated through practical business experience, we have trained documentation specialists who are able to meet our customers’ expectations. Our extensive expertise enables us to draw up proposals for customized training courses that will enhance the basic documentation skills of your employees.

Seminars to enhance existing documentation skills

Documentation work involves much more than just reading and writing. It is also important that you have a sound knowledge of matters such as the relevant laws and regulations of the countries you do business with and any important rules that must be followed in order for you to compile data according to the prescribed format.

SunFlare can plan and conduct seminars tailored to cover the topics you need to address. Our instructors, all of whom are experienced professionals in their respective fields, can explain must-know information about documentation in an easy-to-understand way.