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Design and Production

Adopting a culturally sensitive approach to facilitate smooth communication

At times, barriers to communication cannot be overcome by language alone. A message that resonates with one target audience may fail to do so with another, so it is important that you adapt your message to suit your objective.

At SunFlare, we combine linguistic and design expertise to create the kind of designs that eliminate communication barriers. Based on the objective behind your message, we can produce a design that will ensure your message resonates with your target audience.

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The importance of linguistic and cultural sensitivity

The impressions and meanings conveyed by certain colors, fonts, and layouts vary from one culture to the next. This means that a deep understanding of the target country’s language and culture is necessary to determine matters such as the correct position for a line break and the optimal number of words or characters per line.

With experts in over 70 languages who are also familiar with the culture of the places where the languages are used, SunFlare is able to propose designs that clearly and accurately convey the message you want to convey.

It is also important to remember that while a message targeting people from the same cultural background as the author may require no further explanation, a little extra information may be required if the target audience is from a different cultural background.

To ensure that your message is fully understand by the target audience, we localize the message content by, where necessary, adding clarifying information and removing unnecessary information.

The importance of design in the translation process

When translating a message from one language into another, you must also give careful consideration to the design if you want to avoid losing any of the intended meaning. Having one company handle the translation and another handle the design can be risky, as this presents an obstacle to the effective management and coordination of the project and makes smooth communication difficult to achieve.

At SunFlare, our team of expert and experienced translators, writers, and designers can take care of all your needs. Our documentation services offer not only the highest quality design and content, but also a fast turnaround. We help take the load off your shoulders.