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Documentation Consulting Services

Providing solutions to documentation problems by leveraging our collective expertise and experience

SunFlare has been handling a variety of document types in a range of fields and industries for over 40 years. The experience we have accumulated in that time enables us to understand your business- and industry-specific concerns. Now a pioneer of research in document sciences (a concept represented by the trademark Document Soken®), we offer optimal solutions to your concerns through our collective expertise in language, design, IT, and education. Common customer concerns include the following:

  • We want to be sure that our overseas regulatory submissions for new drugs, medical devices and cosmetics will proceed smoothly without errors.
  • We want more consistency among our departments in their use of terminology in documents.
  • We lack the capability to update our multi-language website efficiently.
  • We want to improve our workflow for document preparation and review.
  • We want to improve the documentation skills of our employees who prepare technical documents.

We analyze such concerns from a variety angles and propose improved documentation solutions. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation or to discuss our services.

  • We provide consultation on:
  • Enhancing documentation management efficiency
  • Running a multi-language website
  • Developing internal human resources who are involved in documentation
  • Expediting Chinese regulatory affairs
  • Optimizing glossary management

Viable solutions from seasoned documentation professionals

With over 40 years’ experience in the documentation industry, we understand the documentation challenges you face. Over the years, SunFlare has recruited a large number of seasoned documentation professionals with experience in a wide range of fields. As a result, we are confident that we can find the optimal solution to any documentation problem.

Leveraging our collective expertise and experience to provide optimal solutions

SunFlare leverages its collective expertise and experience in language, design, IT, and education to offer you optimal solutions. By accurately assessing issues specific to your field, we formulate customized solutions that will resolve whatever documentation problems you may be facing.

Putting words into action

All of the solutions we offer are viable. We work with you to formulate solutions and then draw up an action plan to put them into practice. Our aim is to provide you with workable solutions that leave you completely satisfied.