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What is DocumentCRO®?

Pharmaceutical companies realize time and cost savings by outsourcing various aspects of the clinical research process—such as clinical trial monitoring, medical writing, and regulatory support—to contract research organizations (CROs). DocumentCRO® is a new business concept that has seen SunFlare’s Life Science business unit shift its focus to specializing in the full range of documentation services traditionally offered by CROs. Handling the wide range of documents that are generated by a pharmaceutical company when it conducts R&D (e.g. investigator’s brochures, study protocols, informed consent forms, clinical study reports, and common technical documents), SunFlare stands out from the rest thanks to its use of specialists whose core competence is their language expertise. *The DocumentCRO® trademark was registered in March 2010.


We receive inquiries from a variety of customers, both domestic and foreign capitalized, in areas such as prescription drugs (including generic drugs), OTC drugs, and bioventures. Having done business with approximately 70% of the member companies of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, SunFlare’s DocumentCRO® has established a strong presence in this field.