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Marketing and PR

More than words — we get your message across

To communicate your message effectively in a global context, translation alone is not enough. The design, color scheme, font type, and even the message itself may need to be changed in order to bridge linguistic and cultural divides. SunFlare bridges such divides through transcreation. With the help of our linguistic expertise and creativity, we enable you to communicate your message in a way that transcends language and culture. We take your message seriously.

Services We Offer

■ Language Services

  • Multi-language translations
  • We offer translation services for about 50 languages.
  • Summary translations
  • We can provide you with a target-language summary of the key points in the source document.
  • Rewriting
  • We can rewrite your translation to ensure it is of the standard of quality that you require.
  • Copywriting
  • We can create commercial messages and advertisements for your products.
  • Brand name research
  • If used in certain countries or languages, your brand name may inadvertently end up:
    1. having negative connotations,
    2. creating a bad impression, or
    3. being associated with something that is completely irrelevant to your product.
    To avoid this, we can conduct research to determine whether your brand name might cause a misunderstanding or give an unintended impression.

■ Creative Services

  • Design
  • We can design high-quality graphics, websites, and videos.
  • Multi-language editing/design check
  • For languages that you cannot handle in-house, we can perform a final check of documents produced using desktop publishing software for errors such as typographical mistakes, layout problems, and design flaws.
  • Publishing
  • We can produce and publish your pamphlets, catalogues and advertisements.
  • Recording
  • We offer studio or computer recording services that will suit your budget and purpose.
  • Transcription
  • We can transcribe various types of audio and video recordings, including online training presentations.

Content We Handle

  • Graphic design
  • Pamphlets, catalogues, advertisements, training materials, and press releases
  • Web content
  • Corporate websites in general, website banners, etc.
  • Video production
  • Promotional videos, training videos, and online training materials