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Marketing and PR

Solution Case Studies

In the office of a Japanese electric appliance manufacturer…

 Marketing/Case Study 1: Sales report

  • Background (in the client’s own words): “To help strengthen our global marketing, we provide our overseas staff with English translations of reports describing successful Japanese sales promotions. However, none of the staff read these reports, as they can be up to 10 pages long. We need to provide English reports that are more concise and easier to read!”
  • Summary translation This type of translation provides a summary of the source document’s key points in a concise, easy-to-understand style. Such a summary can be produced relatively quickly, as there is no need to first translate all of the source content and then produce a summary based on the translation. The key to a good summary translation is to correctly understand the customer’s needs and objectives. Given this, we maintain close communication with our customers to ensure that the documents we deliver fully meet their expectations.

 Promotion/Case Study 2: Pamphlets

  • Background (in the client’s own words): “To develop promotional activities worldwide, we have created pamphlets in eight different languages. All we need to do now is make the final checks and get them printed, but the only foreign language our Japan head office staff can understand is English. Our staff in the relevant countries are too busy to do such work.”
  • Multi-language editing and design check Many customers experience such difficulties when creating media publications in multiple languages, but SunFlare has the answer. After receiving our translation of the original content, the customer transfers the translation into a document layout that meets their design criteria and then returns the document to us for a final check. We then have editors specializing in the relevant languages perform language and design checks in accordance with the purpose of the document.

 Training/Case Study 3: e-learning

  • Background (in the client’s own words): “We have just two weeks to localize e-learning materials for our product. We will never get it done in time if we have a translation agency, a narrator, and a producer all working independently of each other. Especially as our localization manager is on a business trip, and nobody else in the office can manage a project like this.”
  • One-stop video content production Outsourcing and managing the production work involved in the creation of video content such as promotional and online training videos can impose a considerable burden on your time and resources. SunFlare, however, offers a one-stop service that covers all the necessary production processes, including audio transcription, translation, video editing and voice recording. Full-time project managers draw up service programs based on the customer’s objective and budget, and then supervise the processes involved all the way through to delivery.