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Documentation that gets you over the finish line

Documentation is essential in all phases of business: from the moment an idea is born until it comes to fruition. SunFlare develops the optimal solution for each individual customer according to the various documentation needs that arise during the product’s life cycle. With a proven track record spanning four decades and a wealth of diverse expertise and specialists, only SunFlare can provide solutions to underlying problems, not just the symptoms.

Services We Offer

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■ Research and Development Support

  • Prior-art search services
  • Collection of documents related to prior art (patent gazettes and papers)
  • Creation or translation of summary reports on prior art
  • Market research
  • Rights acquisition support services
  • Patent application support
  • Paper preparation and conference presentation support services
  • Support for the preparation of papers that comply with contribution rules
  • Creation and editing of charts and tables
  • Checking of numbers, symbols, and terms
  • Creation of paper summaries
  • Creation of posters and presentation materials for academic conferences
  • Audio transcriptions and rewriting

■ Design and Manufacturing Support

  • Review of design documents
  • Cross-checking of risk analysis and instruction manuals
  • Consistency checks to ensure documents are consistent with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries
  • Support for the establishment or expansion of overseas production plants
  • Localization of relevant documents (e.g. work procedure instruction sheets)
  • Establishment of document management systems for the global management and utilization of various types of data

■ Entering Overseas Markets

  • Research on national laws, regulations, and standards
  • Research on laws, regulations and standards in Europe, Asia, South America, etc.
  • Monitoring of revisions to a country’s laws, regulations and standards
  • Support for the preparation of public comments on revisions to standards
  • GHS-compliant SDS translation service
  • Research on a country’s compliance with GHS
  • Compliance of written content
  • Preparation of multi-language versions of product manuals
  • Technical writing, multi-language translation, manual evaluation, and cross-checking against risk analysis
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • Technical writing and multi-language translations

■ Strengthening of Overseas Presence

  • Support for the evaluation of overseas agents
  • Establishment of evaluation criteria and data management that conform to the regional circumstances
  • Corporate training
  • Language training
  • Management training for local managers
  • Research support
  • Questionnaire surveys tailored to a specific location
  • Marketability research

Documents We Handle

Patent gazettes, papers, scholarly journals, research materials, survey results reports (such as non-conformance reports, improvement requests, and quality improvement reports), patent application guidelines, specifications, drawings, work standards, inspection procedures, inspection reports, standards (ISO, IEC, UL, EN, DIN, etc.), regulatory dossiers (CTD/STED), SDS, instruction manuals, package inserts, service manuals, articles, press releases, and presentation materials