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Overcoming obstacles to overseas expansion

Companies wishing to enter overseas markets or strengthen their overseas presence face many obstacles, not the least of which is the linguistic and cultural divide that often exists between a company’s headquarters and its overseas operations. By leveraging our unrivalled understanding of linguistic and cultural differences between countries, we help to ensure that the principles and policies of the company’s headquarters are communicated to the local stakeholders in a linguistically and culturally sensitive way.

So, how does this work in practice? Let’s look at two examples of how our services can help international companies.

Scenario 1: An overseas subsidiary is run by staff from the company’s headquarters. They lack a clear understanding of the local market.

Scenario 2: A company wants to construct a new overseas plant. It needs to have documentation on plant procedures translated into the local language to ensure that the overseas plant follows established operational procedures.

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How can we help in scenario 1?

  • Developing location-specific surveys
  • We develop surveys designed to improve customer satisfaction, with due consideration given to the local language and culture.
  • Evaluating overseas subsidiaries
  • To enable a company to evaluate and effectively manage its overseas subsidiaries’ operations, we establish evaluation criteria that are consistent with its global strategy but take into account the local language and culture.

How can we help in scenario 2?

  • Establishing plant procedures
  • We localize documents such as the following: quality manuals, work procedure instruction sheets, administrative rules, and operating manuals.
  • Strengthening management systems
  • We establish human resources evaluation systems that take into account local circumstances, and enhance training systems in order to increase the work efficiency of local employees.

  • Overseas operations management training
  • We help develop training that will ensure a company’s headquarters and its overseas subsidiaries share the same understanding of the company’s operating policies.
  • Establishing document management systems
  • We establish document management systems for the global management and utilization of various types of data.