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Preparation of Multi-Language Versions of Product Manuals

  • Key points:
  • We can develop multi-language versions of a product manual based on an English version of the manual that has been revised to optimize its translatability.
  • We pay particularly close attention to the safety information provided in product manuals.

Image: Support for the Preparation of Multi-Language Versions of Product Manuals

Batch development of multi-language versions based on an easily translatable English version

  • English translations in compliance with national regulations
  • We create English translations that will serve as the basis for other language versions in compliance with the regulations of the relevant countries.
  • Meticulous proofreading of the English to eliminate ambiguity
  • We carefully proofread the English version that will serve as the basis for translation into other languages, in order to eliminate ambiguity and avoid potential misunderstanding.
  • Terminology management databases
  • We use databases to store key terms and expressions from the English version together with appropriate translations for the target languages. This enables us to ensure consistency in the use of terminology not only within a single document, but also throughout all documents relating to the product series.

Efficient management of safety information

  • Creation of multi-language databases for cautions and warnings
  • Phrases used in cautions and warnings for the same product series are stored in databases to ensure that the relevant terms are used consistently.
  • Review of risk analysis results and manual content
  • Confirmation of consistency between risk analysis tables and manual content for matters requiring explanation in manuals to prevent risks.