Specialist Fields

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Paper Preparation and Conference Presentation Support Services

  • Key points:
  • We can provide proofreading of English documents by experienced native English speakers specializing in the relevant field.
  • We can help you prepare effective research results presentations, based on a full understanding of the key arguments and points.
  • We can help you respond promptly and appropriately to feedback and questions from referees.
  • We provide support for all stages of the process involved in getting a paper accepted for presentation or publication.

Image: Preparation of Research Papers and Academic Presentations

■ Preparation of research papers

  • Prior literature research
  • Research and summary of field-specific papers
  • Translation of papers for academic journals
  • Collection and translation of patent publications
  • Storing of collected documents as PDF files and in databases
  • Preparation of actual research paper
  • Preparation of English papers
  • Proofreading and peer reviews by native English speakers with PhD degrees
  • Review of submission rules
  • Creation of tables and figures in compliance with submission rules
  • Advice on how to respond to referee feedback
  • Preparation of English abstracts

■ Academic presentations

  • Preparation of research posters for academic conferences
  • Preparation of presentation materials for academic conferences
  • Recording of presentation drafts by native English speakers
  • Audio transcription
  • Provision of on-site translators, etc.