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Workflow for translating English contracts into Japanese

Project managers
Our project managers (PMs) create optimal workflows that are tailored to meet your individual schedules and requirements. When clients provide reference materials for a translation, our PMs use them to prepare glossary databases and translation instructions. These help ensure that our translations are consistent with the existing documentation in terms of style and content. Our PMs also have the client assign a priority level to each of the reference materials, so that if an inconsistency in terminology usage is found, they can easily determine which term should be prioritized, thereby ensuring that such inconsistencies do not find their way into our translations.
Our specialist legal translators have a wealth of practical experience working in corporate legal divisions and law firms.

CASE: Contract

Engineer support
Text comparison
When a client needs to prepare English and Japanese versions of a contract simultaneously, we sometimes need to begin translating the English content during its draft stage. Once the English version has been finalized, we use our text comparison tools to identify differences between the draft and final versions, and then edit the Japanese translation accordingly. This enables us to deliver translations far more quickly than would be possible if we only started the translation process once the final version was finished.
Term consistency checks
When translating a long contract, we ensure consistent terminology by using software to embed commonly used and client-specific terminology in the source document before the translation is begun.
Automated workflow
Project members exchange files via Fileport, SunFlare’s proprietary file exchange system, to automate the workflow between different company sections. This system further accelerates delivery of our services.