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CASE: Language Quality Control Services

CASE: Language Quality Control Services

Would you like to be able to prepare Japanese patent specifications that will not give rise to translation errors?
    • Formulation of guidelines for Japanese patent specifications
    • Based on translator feedback on Japanese patent specifications, we develop and continuously refine guidelines that are designed to ensure that such specifications are written in a precise, unambiguous style. This approach helps our customers to prepare Japanese specifications that minimize the risk of mistranslation. Our use and regular updating of common guidelines and instructions helps to eliminate inconsistencies.
Would you like to have accurate English translations for technical terms when creating glossaries for other foreign languages?
  • Compilation and management of context-based glossaries
  • We compile glossaries based on the field and context in which the terms are used. Doing so helps to clarify differences in usage if there is more than one possible translation for a term or phrase.