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CASE: Clearance Search

CASE: Clearance Search

Would you like more accurate search noise elimination for patent searches?
  • Use of machine translation to help eliminate search noise
  • We use rule-based machine translations (into Japanese) of documents generated in a patent search to help identify which search results are actually relevant. Those that are not are discarded, thereby helping to eliminate search noise. To further reduce search noise, we use a glossary to improve the quality of the machine translation.
Would you like to be able to quickly check the results of secondary searches at a minimal cost?
  • Provision of a summary report through sight translation
  • We supply translators who specialize in sight translation for meetings attended by the customer’s developers and intellectual property personnel regarding claims. This service enables the customer to quickly check the claim details at a minimal cost, thereby reducing the number of documents that require human translation considerably. For such meetings, we offer our customers the use of our private meeting space. We also offer an audio transcription service for such meetings.