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TEL 03-3355-1168

Human Resource Development

Solution Case Studies

Practical reading course for a financial institution
Background: Nowadays, Japanese employees of financial institutions must be able to read English prospectuses and other documents relevant to their work quickly and accurately, so a financial institution expressed an interest in finding a training course tailored to meet their actual work needs.
We offered a three-month training course on reading financial English, based on our expertise in providing correspondence courses and running SunFlare’s Translator Qualifying Examination (TQE) program.
Focus: How to accurately read an English prospectus

Format: Email correspondence course with corrections and feedback from an instructor

No. of students per course: 30-60

Practical writing course for a chemicals manufacturer
Background: English descriptions of the company’s technology and products were sometimes poorly written. To provide documentation that better meets the reader’s needs, the company wanted to improve its writers’ English skills and the quality of its technical documentation.
We offered a six-month training course that combined content from our outstanding Academy courses on English technical writing and on translation.
Focus: How to write English papers, presentation materials, and other such documents

Format: Lectures given by an external lecturer (with project assignments)

No. of students per course: 20

Practical writing course for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer
Background: As the company was planning to conduct an international joint clinical trial, it wanted to train its writers to author application materials in English whenever possible, rather than have such materials translated. It also wanted to improve the English writing skills of its writers in general.
We offered a six-month medical writing course in which the participants were able to simultaneously acquire both English translation skills and English writing skills
Focus: How to write clinical study reports and similar documents

Format: Lectures given by an external lecturer (with project assignments)

No. of students per course: 10

Technical review course for the IP department of a leading pharmaceutical manufacturerr
Background: The company has applied for only a few pharmaceutical-related patents, but the size of each related specification is very large. Given this, the department has a translation agency translate the content, after which it divides the translation up among department staff for them to check it against an in-house glossary. Since the skills of the staff varied and there was no consistency in the points they looked out for, the company wanted to employ a more efficient checking process.
We offered a two-month training course with a curriculum based on the actual checking process employed by SunFlare.
Focus: How to perform efficient technical checks of Japanese and English patent specifications with a view to improving their ability to check translated data

Format: Lectures given by an external lecturer

No. of students per course: 5