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Workflow for translating Japanese disclosure documents into English

Project managers
Investors read a variety of disclosure documents each year, so such documents need to be written in an unambiguous yet easy-to-understand style. Also, as they often have to compare this year’s documents with previous years’, consistency is key. That is why, when we translate disclosure documents for a client, we need to ensure that our translation is consistent with existing documentation in terms of style and content. To achieve this consistency, our project managers (PMs) prepare glossary databases and translation instructions based on client-provided reference materials. Our PMs also have the client assign a priority level to each of the reference materials, so that if an inconsistency in terminology usage is found, they can easily determine which term should be prioritized, thereby ensuring that such inconsistencies do not find their way into our translations.
Numerical information, such as figures and dates, is of great importance in disclosure documents. To ensure we get this right, we perform an oral proof (where one proofreader reads the numerical information aloud to another) in addition to the first and second proofs.

Case Study: Brief financial reports

Engineer support
Text comparison
When a client needs to release Japanese and English versions of disclosure information simultaneously, we sometimes need to begin translating the Japanese content during its draft stage. Once the Japanese version has been finalized, we use our text comparison tools to identify differences between the draft and final versions, and then edit the English translation accordingly. This enables us to deliver translations far more quickly than would be possible if we only started the translation process once the final version was finished.
Term consistency checks
We ensure consistent terminology by using software to embed commonly used and client-specific terminology in the source document before the translation is begun.
Automated workflow
Project members exchange files via Fileport, SunFlare’s proprietary file exchange system, to automate the workflow between different company sections. This system further accelerates delivery of our services.