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Market Entry Support: China

Compliance Support

 Image: Support for China Market Entry Our network of China experts enables us to provide consultation on how Chinese standards differ from those of other countries. We provide comprehensive support for the acquisition of the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) mark, which is a legal requirement for certain designated products to be sold on the Chinese market. For companies whose products do not require the CCC mark, we offer support in achieving compliance with GB standards and industry standards.
  • Assessment of eligibility for CCC certification
  • Consultations on standards compliance
  • Consultations on CCC certification acquisition
  • Research on GB standards and industry standards

What kind of people make up SunFlare’s network of China experts?

Our network of China experts is made up of key individuals at various important standardization organizations, including the following:

Research Institute for the Standardization of the Quality and Safety of Industrial and Consumer Products; China Energy Foundation and Administration Standardization Committee; Institute of Food and Agriculture Standardization; Institute of Resource and Environment Standardization; Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute; Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; China Post Holdings R&D Center