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Market Entry Support: China

IP Strategies Support

 SunFlare’s support network for entry into the Chinese market

We take full advantage of the independent partnership that we have with the China Technology Exchange to support companies wishing to launch their technologies on the Chinese market. We can help you improve your marketability, formulate intellectual property (IP) strategies, and form technological alliances.

  • We provide consultations on:
  • Product marketability research and sales channel development in China
  • IP strategies for entry into the Chinese market
  • Technological, capital, or business alliances with Chinese companies

What is the China Technology Exchange?

An affiliated institution of the China Beijing Equity Exchange* Group, the China Technology Exchange was established in 2009 by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Intellectual Property Office (equivalent to the Japan Patent Office), and the Beijing City Government. It deals with technology transaction services.

* The China Beijing Equity Exchange is a comprehensive market platform for the trading of social property rights, such as real rights, credits, stock certificates (other than listed stock certificates), real estate rights, and IP rights (including patent rights, copyrights and trademark rights). In terms of transaction volume, it is one of China’s largest equity exchanges.