Business Concept

Pioneering Research in Document Sciences

We propose and implement solutions to achieve effective communication in a global context. This is represented in our new business concept—Pioneering Research in Document Sciences*. The expertise in consultation, design, information technology, education, and language (our core competence) that we have gained during our 40 years in the documentation industry enables us to provide comprehensive documentation services that connect people throughout the global community.

* An English rendering of the Document Soken® trademark that SunFlare acquired in 2011.

Expertise in Five Core Areas

We have both the expertise and practical experience required to provide you with the optimal solution to your documentation needs.
Our linguistic expertise enables you to communicate your message effectively by bridging linguistic and cultural differences.
We design creative and engaging content in a variety of media, enabling you to get your message across and realize your objective.
Information Technology
We provide IT solutions that ensure we can offer the quality, speed and security necessary for efficient documentation.
Our practical education solutions can provide your staff with the competency required for advanced documentation and communication.