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TEL 03-3355-1168

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Corporate Name SunFlare Co., Ltd.
Address Shinjuku Hirose Bldg., 4-7 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan
Representative Director Hiroyuki Sasai
Capital 95 million yen
Businesses Documentation

Translation (industrial/technical, business-related, and patent),technical writing, medical writing,research, drug-registration support, patent application and filing support, localization, document design, and documentation consulting services

System solutions (documentation management)
Education (SunFlare Academy)
Offices Tokyo Head Office:
Shinjuku Hirose Bldg., 4-7 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan [ see map ]
TEL: +81-3-3355-1168 FAX: +81-3-3355-1204
West Japan Branch:
Yodoyabashi Yamamoto Bldg. 10F, 4-3-22 Imabashi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 541-0042, Japan [ see map ]
TEL: +81-6-6233-6700  FAX: +81-6-6233-6701
North Japan Branch:
Hachinohe Intelligent Plaza, 1-4-43 Kita-Inter Kogyodanchi, Hachinohe, Aomori 039-2245, Japan [  see map ] TEL: +81-178-21-2228  FAX: +81-178-21-2170
Overseas branches: Paris and Dalian
Associated Company ANDROMETEC
Professional Institution Memberships The Japan Translation Federation, Japan Medical and Scientific Communicators Association, Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation, DITA Consortium Japan, Japan International Medical TEchnology Foundation, Osaka Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Japan Technical Communicators Association, Medical Excellence Japan, Aomori ITER Project Promotion Council, Japan Intellectual Property Association, The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations, MedDRA Japanese Maintenance Organization, and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Science Society of Japan


Aug 1971 Founded the International Translation Institute of Technology, Science, and Culture (INTESC).
Dec 1974 Established INTESC Co., Ltd.
Apr 1975 Established the Science and Technology Translator Qualifying Examination System (the predecessor of SunFlare’s Translator Qualifying Examinations [TQE]).
Aug 1981 Established Honyaku Jitsumu Kyouiku Gakuin (the predecessor of SunFlare Academy).
Mar 1983 Applied for the Honyaku Jitsumu trademark (trademark application No. Sho 58-887185).
Aug 1983 Developed ETRANJ, an English-to-Japanese machine translation system (an industry-academia-government project sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government).
Dec 1994 Concluded a sales agent contract for PENSEE, translation support software.
Apr 1995 Began an industry-academia-government project sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (certified as a business supported by the Creative Activities Promotion Law).
Apr 1997 Started our CAD business. Established the Hachinohe Institute in Aomori.
Jul 1997 Changed our corporate name to SunFlare Co., Ltd.
Mar 1998 Completed a prototype of our intelligent translation education support system.
Feb 1999 Established the Localization Division.
Acquired a patent for our intelligent translation education support system.
Nov 1999 Acquired a utility model patent for our multi-display control system.
Apr 2002 Released the intelligent translation education support system under the product name Azelea.
May 2004 Renamed the Hachinohe Institute the North Japan Branch.
May 2006 Established the West Japan Branch in Osaka.
Aug 2006 Signed a contractual agreement with Idiom Technologies (Waltham, MA, USA) to become Japan’s exclusive distributor of the translation industry’s leading globalization management system, Idiom WorldServer™.
Mar 2008 Acquired ISO 9001 certification (Head Office)
Jun 2009 Acquired the DocumentCRO trademark (trademark No. 5309885).
Sep 2010 Forged a strategic partnership with the China Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer Center.
Apr 2011 Acquired the Docubench trademark (trademark No. 5409304).
May 2011 Acquired the Document Soken trademark (trademark No. 5410787).
Entered into a cooperative agreement with the China Technology Exchange.
Sep 2011 Forged a strategic partnership with Hong Kong-based Venturepharm Laboratories Limited.
Oct 2011 Introduced our new corporate logo.
Dec 2013 Acquired ISO 27001 certification (Head Office)
Dec 2014 Acquired Privacy Mark certification (Head Office)
Mar 2016 Acquired ISO 17100 certification (Head Office)
Mar 2017 Forged a strategic partnership with Dalian University of Technology’s School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology