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SunFlare’s primary goal is to help our many customers throughout the world to attain happiness and wealth through our language expertise. For many years now, we have endeavored to leverage our resources to enable our customers to overcome any documentation-related problems or difficulties that they may encounter. In order to successfully operate on a global scale, businesses need high-quality communication skills to keep up with the demands of today’s ever-changing business environment. In keeping with our corporate message—Global Interface & Solutions—we derive great pleasure and satisfaction from helping our customers to overcome the challenges they face when communicating in a global context, thereby enabling them to realize success. Thanks to the support and loyalty of our customers, 2011 has seen us celebrate 40 years in business. To mark this occasion and reflect our past efforts and future prospects, we have redesigned our corporate logo to embody our goal of achieving a dynamic leap forward. We have now evolved to become a pioneer in research in document sciences—a concept which is represented by the trademark Document Soken®. Under this new business concept, we offer our customers a comprehensive documentation service that includes not only translation, but also complete document creation, design, resource development, solution architecture and consultation. We take pride in the fact that, by combining our rich experience, extensive knowledge, and up-to-date information, we have been able to establish an unrivaled organizational structure that enables us to handle documentation for Nobel prize-level cutting-edge technologies. The name SunFlare signifies the burning enthusiasm of our employees and our commitment to working together in harmony. Going forward, we will continue to work with passion toward our goal of being a global interface and solution provider. We deeply appreciate your continued support.

Hiroyuki Sasai President