Pioneering Research in Document Sciences

Specialist Fields

Manufacturing Optimal solutions to your documentation needs for every stage in your product life cycle
Pharmaceuticals DocumentCRO® can handle all your documentation needs—from academic papers to documents related to clinical development, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance
Medical Devices Comprehensive documentation support for every stage in medical device development
Legal High-quality legal documentation services for all fields and industries, including corporate legal divisions, law firms, banks, and consulting companies
Finance Speedy preparation of accurate and consistent disclosure documents, financial reports, and all other financial documents that require professional expertise and research capabilities
Intellectual Property Patent strategy support from a reliable business partner with a wealth of translation experience and expertise in a wide range of fields
Marketing and PR Transcreation—a marketing solution that bridges linguistic and cultural differences to make sure your message gets across
Human Resource Development Customized education and training programs that leverage the documentation and training expertise that SunFlare has built up over its more than 40 years of business

Market Entry Support

China Market Entry Risk mitigation through a network of China experts who offer support for intellectual property strategies, regulatory affairs, and compliance.